Ticklish Armpits Of Laughing Jack

Jack’s male feet may not get the same reaction as his ribs and ticklish armpits, but he has some really nice looking feet and soles. But that’s not really the highlight of this awesome male tickling video. This is Jack’s first video with Laughing Asians.

ticklish armpits of Asian male JackAlthough you’ll enjoy looking at the close ups of his beautiful male feet, I think you’ll really get the most entertainment from his ticklish armpits and the intense laughter that comes from his wincing face. Jack is intensely ticklish on his upper body. So that’s where we concentrated the action.

We started off with his feet tied to the staircase rail, soles up and vulnerable. This is when we discovered that he was not nearly as ticklish as he claimed to be. But that was just an initial assumption. It wasn’t until the team of tickle boys started poking at his ribs and armpits that we discovered what makes him crazy with hysterical laughter.

So we moved him to the rack. We tied his arms high up over his head for full armpits exposure. This is where the real tickle action begins. Just the mere touch of his ticklish armpits sends him into a fit of hysterical laughter. His begging and pleading for the tickling to stop is authentic and real.

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The tickle team put Jack through quite an intense armpit tickling and rib tickling torture session that kept him laughing the whole time. It was music to our ears! Then we finished with a cool down of free style endurance tickling. Ricky delicately scribbles his fingers up and down his ticklish armpits and ribs while Jack tries to keep his arms raised. Vahn feathers his torso with the big blue feather. What ensues is more of Jack’s fantastic laughter and he writhes and squirms.

If you love ticklish armpits of an Asian male, you’re going to love this video.

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