Tickling Asian Boy Feet – Ricky And Julius

When tickling Asian boy feet, itTicklish Asian boy Julius doesn’t take long to get them to the point of hysterical ticklish laughter. Asian boy feet are so smooth and soft, it’s almost a rule they need to be tickled. At least that is the case at Laughing Asians. We never let a pair of cute Asian boys feet get by us without a thorough foot tickling treatment. And that is what Ricky does to Julius. Tickling Asian boy feet is just what we do best!

Tickling Asian boy feetRicky gives Julius some incredible fingernail foot tickling all over his soft sensitive ticklish soles. His Asian male feet jerk about with every rake and flick and scribble of Ricky’s very talented fingers. Julius is a very cute Asian boy. Ricky straps his wrists and ankles down to the four corners of the bed, spreadeagled and naked, all vulnerable tickle spots fully accessible and ready for a relentless tickle torture session.

Julius has his male feet tickled

So Ricky starts things off with armpit and upper body tickling. And let’s not forget how ticklish boys are in the crotch area. Ricky uses every tickle spot to keep Julius giggling and laughing. Julius seems to enjoy getting tickled in certain areas. SoJulius tied down and foot tickled Ricky affords him some pleasure by working those spots as well. But when it comes tickling Asian boy feet, Ricky has no mercy. It is the best place to tickle, especially when their feet are so very ticklish. So it’s now time for tickling Asian boy feet. Ricky moves down and gets into a comfortable position for a nice prolonged foot tickling on this cute Asian twink who he has tied down on his bed for his tickle torture delight.

Tickling Asian boy bellybutton with a featherRicky breaks from the tickling Asian boy feet for a while so he can do some bellybutton tickling on this cute Asian boy. Then he returns for more foot tickling. Julius’ feet have a wonderful shape. His soles have just the right amount of wrinkles and lines, and the best part is, they are silky soft and sensitive. So Ricky knows he need not apply a lot of pressure. Delicate flicks and scribbling is best on such soft ticklish Asian boy feet. This proves true with Julius. Ricky teasingly flickers and dances his fingernails on Julius’ ticklish boy feet.Tickling Asian boy feet with fingernails The wriggling and jerking is clear indication of extreme ticklishness. This fuels Ricky’s fingers to relentlessly tickle his feet. Julius appears to want to crawl out of his skin. His laughter is delightful and continuous as is Ricky’s drive for tickling Asian boy feet.

Asian boy hogtied and tickledThen Julius is hogtied with his soles facing upward for perfect access. Ricky tickles his feet some more. Julius tries to wriggle away from the scribbling fingernails, but it just causes more intense tickle sensations and increased laughter. But the tickling talented fingers of Ricky just keep going on those yummy ticklish Asian feet. After both theClips4Sale banner tickler and ticklee are exhausted, Ricky releases Julius from his bondage to catch is breath. In part two of this scene, Ricky is so turned on and fully boned up. He straddles Julius and starts stroking his cock. All that erotic tickling Asian boy feet for so long, and hearing all the ticklish laughter got Ricky so horny he now needs to masturbate and release his load of cum all over Julius. And as usual, he does blow his wad and shoot cum on Julius’ cute brown tummy.

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