Tickle Torture Of Asian Boy By Magic Feather

tickle torture Asian boy with magic featherAsian boys in tickle torture videos is what we do best at Laughing Asians. Javey returns for one of the most erotic fantasy tickle torture scenes we’ve ever made. Strapped down in bondage on the tickle rack, Javey receives a sensual feather tickling torment from our str8 Asian stud Jesse. Lightly flickering the feathers around Javey’s entire upperBellybutton tickling Asian twink with feathers body, Jesse tickles his armpits, tender sides, and does some very erotic bellybutton tickling which makes Javey contort and convex and giggle. Then he spends some time feather tickling his Asian boy feet.

male feet feather tickle torture

After the warm up tickle torture with the feathers, Jesse uses his fingers to tickle his upper body. This increases the laughter to a whole new level. It really is tickling him and Jesse is loving every minute tickle torture Asian twink armpitsand every struggle and jerk when he hits his most ticklish spots. Jesse maintains an evil diabolical grin as he puts his tickle victim through a torturous experience all over his smooth sexy and ticklish twink body.

Now it’s time for Jesse to take a break. But there will be no break for Javey. Jesse calls in his seemingly live magic animated feather to continue the tickle torture.

“READY, AIM……TICKLE!!” Jesse commands the magic animated tickle feather.

Instantly the jiggling, wiggling cartoonTickling Asian boy feet with feather feather starts darting about and flickering wildly in all of Javey’s most sensitive spots. Javey bursts into hysterical ticklish laughter. The magic tickle feather continues to dart around inflicting the most intense tickle with it’s super fast wiggling.

Asian boy feet tickling with fingersRicky now steps in to finish him off. It’s foot tickle time again. Ricky loves tickling bare feet. He loves the feeling of his fingernails scribbling on such ticklish feet and the sound of the Asian boy laughter it produces. The foot tickling goes on for several minutes. The camera goes in close to the action for a while and give excellent angles for the best view of the incredible tickle torture. Javey giggles and moans in ticklish agony. He’s becoming exhausted and tickled out. So Ricky gives him a short break before his attack on his armpits.

Javey has rested and Rickyarmpits tickle torture Asian boy resumes the assault by running his fingers up his legs, poking, prodding his way rapidly up to his armpits. As soon as he hits the armpits, Javey bursts out with the most intense and forceful laughing. This turns Ricky on and makes him tickle more. It’s like the laughter is fuel on the fire. Ricky goes in for the kill and relentlessly continues the tickling as Javey pleads and begs for mercy.

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