Male Feet Tickling – Diego Tickled

Diego's Male FeetDiego discovered he loves Asian male feet tickling. Diego is a model for Laughing Asians male feet and tickling video website. He appears in “Adorable Diego Tickled” where he is tied to a bed and goes through different stages of tickling. He is tickled by two Mike and Ricky, the founders and owners of Laughing Asians.

Ricky starts it off by tickling Diego’s armpits and ribs, getting him to release his laughter, as most first timers try to hold it in. They tend to be too shy to let it out. But then Ricky moves down to his bare male feet and starts tickling them with his fingernails. This gets Diego giggling like a school boy! Ricky has that knack for tickling male feet, and does it with such expertise.

Then Mike steps in and tickles both feet at once andDiego Tied And Male Feet Tickled then moves up and starts on his armpits and sexy torso. Then Mike lays down across Diego’s hot sexy body and on the leg so he can’t move it at all. Mike tickles Diego’s Asian boy feet with reckless abandon as Diego laughs hysterically.

Finally, they bring in the feathers and tickle his feet with them. But that didn’t work too well so they bring in the Tiger Paw Diego's male feet tickled with feathervibrating tickler machine and this gets Diego back in hysterical mode. Oh how it tickles on the soles of his ticklish male feet!

Then Mike uses the tickler machine on Diego’s crotch and this makes Diego go wild. Oh how it tickled! Finally, they release poor ticklish Diego from his bondage. This was a hot tickle video you don’t want to miss!

Diego crotch tickling

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