Tickling Treatment For Latino Male Feet

Tickling a Latino guy with super hot smooth feet has got to be a lot of fun! He loves tickling and gets them thoroughly tickled by a tickle crazed friend who scribbles his fingers all over the bottoms of his male feet. As the ticklish guy writhes and wiggles in ticklishness, his friend is enjoying himself, even getting a boner under his pants. But the tickle torture continues, and the friend is loving his laughter with each scrape of the soles of this Latino guy’s sensitive soles. But the ticklee doesn’t mind. He loves getting his feet tickled! So his buddy relentlessly continues the foot tickling non-stop, and feels like he’s in heaven! I love the fantastic close-ups of the action. I hope this guy keeps making his tickling videos! They are worth every second spent watching them!

The maker of this video has several that he has posted on YouTube, and his tickling videos are certainly among my favorites indeed. You can check his channel out on YouTube by clicking the link in the player or click here and it will take you to his great tickling channel.

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