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Tickle His Male Feet

Male feet and tickling is a kinky but fun gay fetish which is enjoyed by millions of men worldwide. Foot tickling and male foot fetish parties are organized in different parts of the world, but most prevalent in New York City. But this male tickling fetish videos tube site is here to present the one of a kind sub niche of gay Asian twink tickling. And who on earth is best known, and pretty much the ONLY producer of specifically Asian twink foot tickling fetish videos? Laughing Asians of course! So sit back and have a watch and a wank over these cute, smooth, ticklish Asian twinks from the producer Mike Reynolds.

Featured male tickling videos
  • Mikal’s Tickle Hand Job Mikal’s Tickle Hand Job

    After a long and relentless male tickling session, Vahn slows down the pace and sensually and feather-lightly tickles Mikal’s smooth lean body while he’s tied spreadeagled to the bed. Mikal giggles, moans, and squirms as Vahn teases and tickles all his most sensitive spots. Then he starts stroking both Mikal’s and his own cock. Soon…

  • Dungeon Tickle Fantasy Dungeon Tickle Fantasy

    Josh loves to be tickled senseless on the soles of his ticklish male feet. He fantasizes about being a prisoner in a tickle dungeon. Today our Asian boy tickler Vahn has Josh naked and restrained to the tickling rack. Vahn can’t wait to get his tickling fingers on Josh’s smooth ticklish boy feet. The tickle fun…

  • Gilbert Carreon has ticklish feet. He’s certainly one of our favorite Asian boy cuties whom we love to tie and tickle. This male tickling fetish video has all the elements of great male tickling. We tied Gilbert speadeagled on the bed while he was served up a dose of gang tickling on his sexy naked…

  • You have arrived at the gay Asian Sensual Tickling Parlor. It is a place of erotic sensual tickling bliss. Jacob Bantay enters the sensual tickling room where his cute gay Asian tickle masseur removes his white robe to reveal Jacob’s incredibly smooth hot lean muscular brown body. He lies down on the erotic tickling table and Vahn begins…

  • Doctor Tickles is a tickle-obsessed doctor who loves to administer intense tickle treatments to his unsuspecting young Asian boy patients. The kinky sadistic doctor starts with testing Vahn’s reflexes by zipping the tip of a surgical clamp up his patient’s smooth bare soles. Vahn jumps and bursts out a giggle, and this just fuels Doctor Tickles’ sadistic tickling urges….

  • Daddy’s Dungeon: Nathan Daddy’s Dungeon: Nathan

    Deep in the damp dark dungeon of Daddy Mike, tickle torture is the fate of all the Asian boys he can capture. The first in our “Daddy’s Dungeon” special effects series, Nathan is our first dungeon tickle slave. The cute Asian boy is strapped down to the tickle rack and Daddy delivers a relentless foot…

  • Ticklish Asian Twink Arjo Ticklish Asian Twink Arjo

    Slim, cute Asian twink Arjo is back after 4 years since his debut appearance. And we’re happy to have this ticklish Asian twink back for another round of gay tickling torture. Vahn and Gilbert are the sadistic ticklers in this scene. Arjo’s Asian boy feet are quite ticklish, so the tickle twinks make sure to…

  • Hot Ticklish Twink Mikal Hot Ticklish Twink Mikal

    Our resident sadistic tickler Vahn has cute sexy Pinoy twink Mikal strapped down spreadeagled on the bed for his very first experience with male tickling. This hot twink was ticklish all over his lean toned body. And his feet were just as ticklish as Vahn got him howling from the foot tickling! You really don’t…

  • Male Feet Suck & Wank Male Feet Suck & Wank

    Toe sucking Ryan has yummy size 11 feet. Ryan gets horny when he sees his own male feet. His gay foot fetish desires are constantly in his mind, and he can’t wait to get home and have a solo male feet fetish jerk off session while he is sucking his toes. Yes, he has ticklish male…

  • Rolly is a bigger than average Laughing Asians tickle boy. This is his first shoot, and so I put our gorgeous Asian boy tickler Vahn to the task of tickling the hell out of sexy hunk Rolly. After a nice long tickling, Vahn tried to get him to cum with a hand job, but unfortunately…

  • Ticklish Str8 Boy Marco Ticklish Str8 Boy Marco

    Ticklish straight Asian boy Marco is a first timer here at Laughing Asians. What a cute, smooth, hot Asian boy he is. Marco is just 18 years old. His shy personality prevented him from bursting out in laughter when we tickled him, but you could tell he was terribly ticklish. We did get him laughing…

  • Felix is a very cute Asian gay boy who had the balls to claim he wasn’t ticklish in the presence of Ricky, the kinky expert tickler. If there’s one thing Ricky loves to hear, it’s “I’m not ticklish” from a cute Asian boy. Because that presents a challenge to him. Ricky has a 100% success rate of…

  • Handsome Asian str8 boy Jaymes gets tickle attacked by his buddies. After an exciting tickle torture session, Alex blow jobs Jaymes and wanks out a cum shot.

  • Jordan’s first time with gay tickle torture fun proved to be more fun for the tickler than the ticklee. Although Jordan was pretty ticklish all over his naked Asian twink body, we got the best reactions when tickling his male feet. So naturally that’s where Vahn focused most of his energy on during this rousing…

  • This is Freddy’s first time being tied and tickled. Freddy is a very horny Asian twink who is open minded. He seems willing to try anything. So when asked if he wanted to try out some gay tickling fetish fun and get tied and tickled, he found the idea very exciting and erotic. Vahn tied…

  • Daddy’s Dungeon: Chi Daddy’s Dungeon: Chi

    Talk about Chinese tickle torture! Chi is a Chinese twink who happens to be a prisoner in Daddy’s tickle dungeon. Vahn is the tickle master in this scene as he grabs cute Chinese twink Chi from his damp dungeon cell for his daily tickle torture session.

  • Rave comes to Doctor Tickles because he’s not feeling so well. But good ol’ Doctor Tickles has a way to get his twink patients feeling good and happy! This adorable Asian boy is hyper ticklish, and if that’s not enough, you’re going to love his laughter! His guffaws are music to Doctor Tickle’s ears as…

  • Oiled And Tickled Oiled And Tickled

    Vahn brings in the baby oil to increase Gilbert’s ticklishness, and spreads the oil all over his ticklish Asian boy body. Vahn begins his delicate tickling with his fingers and erotic tickle taunting “ticky ticky ticky” as Gilbert giggles and squirms. Then he oils up his ticklish Asian boy feet for some fantastic Asian boy…

  • Rave On The Tickling Rack Rave On The Tickling Rack

    Welcome to the slim cute Asian twink “Rave” to our family of Laughing Asians tickle boys. And this young twink tried to rate himself a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 of ticklishness. Maybe he thought 1 was most ticklish and 10 was least ticklish. Because on my scale he was at least…

  • Argie’s Tickle Party Argie’s Tickle Party

    Asian tickle boy Argie can’t get enough of a hot tickle torture session. This time, Daddy Mike, Lance and Vahn are the tickle sadists that deliver laughter through their fingertips. Argie is tied spreadeagled on the bed and is put through an intense male feet tickling, and armpit tickling erotic bondage adventure.

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Gay male tickling fetish is all about tied and tickled guys.

We love bondage and tickling more than anything! If you are into gay male ticking fetish such as this, then you're in the right place. We have tons of videos with hot guys tied up and put through the most grueling tickle torture. There's nothing more erotic to us than really ticklish guys. So take your clothes off, get naked, and jerk off to all our hot twinks being tied and tickled. Nothing makes us cum harder than ticklish male feet!
Most viewed tickling men videos
  • Cute Asian boy Marcon recently moved in next door, so Argie and Vahn invite him over to welcome him to the neighborhood. They have been scheming on how to get this cute Asian twink tied to their bed because they want to tickle the hell out of him. So they decided to put some knock-out powder…

  • Two tickle fetish doctors are visited by the ultimate tickle boy toy Jude for a session of tickle twink therapy. Jude has incredibly ticklish boy feet and is super cute. The Doctor and his assistant check his reflexes by dragging the tip of a surgical clamp up the ticklish twink’s bare soles. They diagnose a case of hyper ticklish…

  • My Ticklish Visitor My Ticklish Visitor

    Asian tickle fetish boy Vahn Valdez invited his friend Nathan over to his new house. But little does Nathan know about Vahn’s fetish for tickling male feet. Vahn offers him a drink, and Nathan accepts. While he’s getting the beverage, he looks to make sure Nathan is not watching, and drops a knock-out pill into his glass….

  • Daddy Mike has three naked barefoot ticklish Asian twinks in his bed. Daddy Mike love tickling cute Asian boys feet. And these three cute Asian tickle twinks want to play with Daddy Mike! I start out with some Asian boy feet worship and tickling on gorgeous Gilbert and his yummy male feet. Then I make my way across…

  • TickleDad Mike Reynolds appears in this classic hit from his “Coronaboi40” days before Laughing Asians. In this tickle, cock tease, and handjob video, Ricky drives Mike completely nutty with tickling and hand job alternation. What a cock tease Ricky is! Ricky tickles Mike’s naked body after cutting off his briefs. Mike sports a huge boner…

  • Doctor performs male foot worship and toe sucking on cute Asian twink. Kinky Doctor Tickles is delighted to have a cute new Asian boy for his gay tickling fetish treatment. Foot tickling ensues as the gay fetish doctor tries his best to get the Asian boy laughing. But Russel isn’t that ticklish, sadly. But Doctor…

  • Poor cute ticklish Warren. His gym buddy Jacob is always tricking him into bondage so he can tickle his feet. And today is no different. Jacob insists Warren’s legs be strapped to the leg lift for a particular exercise. “Promise you won’t tickle my feet?” Warren pleads. “Yes, promise, it’s just for exercise” But of…

  • T-Boy Tied And Tickled T-Boy Tied And Tickled

    Cute twinky tickle boy “T-Boy” gets his turn to be tied down and tickled senseless. When we were strapping him down, he still had his shoes on and is cute little feet were ticklish right through the thin soles of his shoes! So we took a few minutes with shoes-on foot tickling. He was going…

  • Our in-house gay tickling fetish Asian boy Vahn Valdez invited his hot muscle boy buddy Jacob Bantay over for a gym workout. Naturally this hot cute Asian boy ended up restrained on the gym and tickled silly. I had to jump in and tickle those adorable smooth Asian boy feet for a while myself!

  • Twink Tickle Hand Job Twink Tickle Hand Job

    Vahn and our new erotic tickle fetish boy whom we’ve nicknamed “T-Boy” take our lean ticklish twink Argie to his full limits, then push him over the edge. We discovered T-boy has a horny sadistic streak a mile wide, and it shows in his face and natural ability to inflict tickle torture on his bound…

  • Jordan’s first time with gay tickle torture fun proved to be more fun for the tickler than the ticklee. Although Jordan was pretty ticklish all over his naked Asian twink body, we got the best reactions when tickling his male feet. So naturally that’s where Vahn focused most of his energy on during this rousing…

  • Felix is a very cute Asian gay boy who had the balls to claim he wasn’t ticklish in the presence of Ricky, the kinky expert tickler. If there’s one thing Ricky loves to hear, it’s “I’m not ticklish” from a cute Asian boy. Because that presents a challenge to him. Ricky has a 100% success rate of…

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