His Boss Gives Him A Raise

Summoned by his boss to the office Stevie didn’t know what to expect. He had only been at the company for a few months so he kind of figured this could be a raise or a firing. Once he entered his boss told him to close the door and lock it. That seemed odd, but not as much as when his boss stood up and didn’t have any pants on. His cock was massive. A bead of precum was resting on the tip.

In a daze Stevie found himself blowing his boss off. He had never tasted cum. He thought it tasted just like his girlfriend told him it did. Like salt. He got a big raise and began to wonder if he should take his girl out for a celebratory dinner or ask his boss if he’d like to join him instead.

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Argie Tickled And Edged To Cum

Male tickling feet with edging. Argie is edged while T-boy tickles and sucks his male feet.This gay ticking edging and handjob scene takes Argie literally to the edge, and over! Vahn and our new sadistic erotic tickle fetish boy named “T-Boy” take our slim and toned ticklish Asian twink Argie to his full limits, then push him over the edge.

We discovered T-boy has an evil sadistic tickling streak a mile wide, and it shows in his facial expressions that he totally gets off on tickling hot guys. His natural ability to inflict tickle torture on his bound victim seems totally natural.Argie is tied and tickled by our sadistic tickle fetish boy in our new gay tickling, edging, and handjob video. He’s like an animal in his natural habitat. T-boy sucks Argie’s male feet and toes and tickles his feet with his tongue while Vahn keeps Argie hard and by stroking and edging his cock.

Argie is about to crawl out of his skin. He doesn’t know whether to laugh, moan, cry, or shoot his load. But after some time of edging and tickling, he begs to have one hand released so he can stroke himself to a full blown orgasm while T-boy continues to tickle his Asian boy feet. Vahn joins him for a simultaneous double cum shot. But 3 of his limbs are still tied, so after the orgasm, the boys tickle the hell out of him some more, driving him insane after orgasm.



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Laughing Asians male tickling

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Dungeon Tickling Fantasy

Asian cutie boy Josh loves to have his smooth Asian boy feet tickled senseless. He fantasizes about being a tickle slave in a tickle torture dungeon. Today our boy tickler Vahn has Josh naked and restrained to the tickle torture rack.

Vahn can’t wait to get his tickling fingers on Josh’s adorable smooth ticklish boy soles. The tickle fun begins and Vahn drives Josh batty with tickling. Then we get a glimpse into Josh’s imagination. Josh is in a tickle dungeon with the sadistic tickle master who summons his magic animated wriggling flickering feather. Vahn commands and controls the tickle feather with his mind. The feather darts around and tickles all of Josh’s most sensitive spots. Josh is hysterical as the feather flickers about wildly on his ticklish boy feet. What an incredibly erotic scene!

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Ticklish Gym Buddy

Ticklish Gym BuddyRicky and Vahn are having a workout on our new gym equipment. Vahn is new to working out, so Ricky is offering some valuable training. But Ricky has an alterior motive. Ricky loves tickling male feet, so he fools Vahn by making up a routine that requires his legs to be restrained to the leg lift. Ricky gets the cling wrap and wraps Vahn’s legs around the leg lift good and tight so he can’t move. He adjusts the weights so that it’s way too heavy for Vahn to push down.

Once Vahn says it’s too heavy, Ricky says, “I have a way to help you push harder”. He begins to unlace Vahn’s white Nike sneakers to Vahn’s surprise. “Hey why are you taking my shoes off?” asks Vahn. And Ricky pulls off his shoe to reveal his white socks foot, and rakes his fingers up his sole, making Vahn jerk against the restraint. Ricky proceeds to scribble his fingers up and down his socked foot. Vahn giggles and pleads, asking “Is this part of the routine?”. Ricky then peels off his white sock slowly while tickling his heel and up his bare sole as he lifts the sock off.

The most fantastic male foot tickling ensues. Ricky pulls off the other shoe and sock and Ricky begins teasingly and delicately scribbling his fingernails all over Vahn’s smooth sensitive soles. Vahn’s feet flail about wildly, laughing and struggling against the cling wrap. Ricky ties his arms above his head and tickles the hell out of his armpits, driving Vahn buggy with non-stop tickling and hysterical laughter. Ricky has a field day tickling his gym buddy’s feet, driving him insane with laughter.

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Tickle That Chubby Asian Boy!

Chubby Asian boy foot ticklingThis cute Chubby Asian boy Julius returns for some more tickle fetish in the world of Laughing Asians for a laughter filled gay tickling excursion on our tickle torture rack.

It’s been a few years since we last saw this cute chubby Asian boy and he is still just as ticklish as ever! He has wonderfully ticklish male feet and so Ricky dished out a nice prolonged tickling on his cute Asian boy feet. Then we stripped him of his boxer shorts and enjoyed some naked tickling of this cutie. He has a wonderful laugh when Ricky hits those super ticklish spots.

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Derik’s Gorgeous Male Feet

Asian male feetGorgeous and cute, this hunky super cute str8 Asian boy has perfect Asian male feet. Derik is adorable, dark, and handsome, so you’re going to love this masculine Asian hunk as he slowly removes his shoes and socks up close to the camera for you. Derik slowly exposes his sole, teasingly caressing his soft male soles.

He puts them right in your face, wiggles his sexy toes and teases the living hell out of you with his hot Asian male feet. He continues to do a strip tease then lays down to jerk off for you. As he is masturbating, I set the camera on a tripod and leave you alone with him to watch him bring himself to a creamy oozing orgasm.

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Laughing Asians male tickling

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